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Understanding the connections between humans, society, and their environments is crucial in order to better address today’s challenges in sustainable development and efficient governance. The OGC Testbed 13 task seeks to target these issues, particularly as related to coordination of multi-regional/multi-national operations and messaging in the displacement and mass movement of conflict-afflicted populations (e.g., war-afflicted migrants across the globe, resource allocation and provision). In this application, we aim to integrate multiple types of information provided in different standards while maintaining web security standards. This is done by offering interactive visualization and analysis of Automatic Identification System (AIS) data (ship tracks, routes) and ancillary datasets via OGC web services (i.e., WMS, WFS, WCS).



WMS (e.g., human footprint) as well as WFS (ship routes from AIS) and WCS (sea velocity) services


Easy to add or remove layers from our interactive visual interfaces

Multisource Data Input

Visulize and analyze AIS and marine traffic data alongside critical population information .

Diverse Analysis Functions

Provide analytical summaries and functions unique to marine traffic data analysis and visualization

Efficient Data Filtering

Our app can facilitate users to query and thus load specific features by filtering layer attributes

Multidimensional Data Visualization

This 4D Data Visualization platform has incoporated time component and is able to play animations over time and space.

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