Visual analytics is “an outgrowth of the fields of information visualization and scientific visualization that focuses on analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces.” Our application seeks to support decision-making and knowledge acquisition by empowering policy makers and governing agencies to understand marine traffic, population based processes, and earth science related datasets

We have developed a desktop client that enables visual and analytical tasks, as related to mass migration data support needs. It is user-friendly, yet capable of handling complex analyses and rendering of large datasets (e.g., big data). The client includes three major modules: data management, visualization module, and analytical module. All modules can be implemented in an extensible modular fashion so that existing development efforts can be integrated.


Visualize Web Service and Analytical Results

Visualize Web Service

WMS & WFS Features Visualization

A web service layer may be loaded for visualization, with optional time parameters available as filters. The tool will auto adjust itself and zoom in to focus on the area of interest. If time attributes are specified, the output animation will only display data for the time range selected.

Visualize Analytical Results

Vertical Profiling and Time-Series

The vertical profiling option allows users to generate a vertical profile graph from the selected attributes. This helps the user engage in visual analytics with the summarized data. The time series option allows users to track the movements of ships based on time attributes.

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